The main idea of Wine talks is conversation about wine – medium that connects people, nations, religions and different worlds. Wine talks connects wine lovers through wine – from wine experts to those who would like to become ones. This idea is recognized in the selection of topics, which are so different and wide, so everybody can choose something interesting for themselves. You will be accompanied and guided through Wine talks by Nina Levičnik and Tatjana Štrbac Bambulović, two friends and true wine lovers. Wine talks is taking place twice a month in our premises (Vlaška 39, Zagreb). More information about dates and topics, please find on this site or FB Wine talks.
Wine talks: WINE (UN)KNOWNS
Everything you would like to know about the world of wine



Since historically wine has always been part of our culture and national identity, our mission is (just) to improve the culture of the dining table. Since there are many people who think they are wine experts, we would like to talk about wine (un)knowns – or simply everything you know or don't know about wine: white or red, malvasia or graševina, sparkling wines or champagnes, Croatian or foreign wine regions, about glasses, colour, smell and taste of wine. And, of course, many other interesting issues from the world of wine.


Wine talks: PINK RAINBOW
From salmon to cherry

It is not known when he rose wine was produced for the first time. But it is very likely that the earliest red wine, because of technology, looked more like modern rose wines than modern red wines. Rose through his past was (too) long treated as second, even third class wine. In the last 20 years, trends have changed, but rosé wines were still enjoyed only by women. For many years rose was considered as sweet drink for women, but now has completely changed his image. Pink wines are increasingly consumed all over the world and have become top refreshing summer drink. Modern roses are more serious, more complex and richer. We want to show you the diversity of pink wine, through their color, bouquet and flavor. So, join us at the Wine Talks and explore with us the PINK RAINBOW. 

White, still and dry 



This Wine talk is dedicated to white, still and dry wines, which we sre going to presented through seven different shades of yellow. First we'll make clear why white wine has yellow color. Than we'll move on with main vine varieties – in the world and in Croatia and explained the difference between international and local, even indigenous varieties. On ourjourney through different shades of yellow we'll learn also more about serving temperature and wine ageing. We'll also meet with so called orange wine, discuss about sulphites in wine and about main reasons why wine is good for our health....



Wine talks: RED SECRETS
About black and/or red


Who is Tatjana Štrbac Bambulović?

»Couple of years she has been working on culinary TV shows, which have led her to the world of wine and food. She became aware that wine was her life and she started tasting wines, visiting vineries, hanging out with wine experts and organizing wine festivals and events. She thinks that wine is a rare thing that one can never get bored...« 

Nina Levičnik, Wine talks