In our world, everything revolves around WINE. When we are working,  wine is an integral part of our projects. In our free time wine follows us like a shadow. Wine is really an irreplaceable part of our lives. Just like yours! Because we share the same PASSION, we believe that we will find common language to solve your problems, to find tailor made solutions for you and to achieve great results.


Genius loci design is known for its wide range of services. It is actually a one-point-place where the winemakers and wine cellars can get answers to all their needs. Our team of experts with many years of experience and many realized projects related to the world of wine is able to offer the best solutions for the winemakers and wine cellars, ranging from wine architecture, design, marketing, public relations and organization, and always having in mind the optimization of costs (best value for money). 



Nowadays, the consumer market demands not only quality, but increasingly the experience of enjoying wine. True wine-lovers want to feel they are literally immersed into the vineyard while tasting a particular wine, and to experience the terroir. The winemakers therefore need innovative and brave solutions, based on expertise and experience. At Genius loci design, we help our clients with their most complex strategic challenges. Depending on the client's needs and wishes, we consult them and build tailored solutions to help them achieve effective boost to their business.



As every other business, the wine business has its strategic challenges. Each phase of the winemaking process, from vine growing to distribution and consumption of the final product, needs to be optimized. Every winemaker/wine cellar is faced with a great deal of challenges, at least in one of the phases of this process. How to design the wine cellar and  furnish the degustation  room? How to incorporate aesthetic beauty with functionality? How to present the product and how to brand it? How to design the visual identity?  Which distribution channels to use? And finally, how to finance it? Answering those questions is crucial in order to achieve sustained growth and meet the expectations of the winemaker.

»We're living through a CHANGE OF ERA, in  ARCHITECTURE  just as in WINE. Both, wines and wineries are reflecting this evolution. It's a magical moment.« 

Jesus Marino Pascual, architect, Spain