We are convinced that for success of the project it is necessary to pool KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE and PASSION. It all begins with knowledge, experience is the foundation of the project, and whether the project will succeed or not depends on passion. Therefore we work only on the projects we believe have the potential for success, and we work only with the people who are dedicated to their work in the same way we are. 
We are combining two worlds


Wine architecture is the link between architecture, on the one side, and viticulture and viniculture on the other. That can be seen in the area of urban planning, presented through an image of a VINEYARD LANDSCAPE typology; in the field of architecture through the architectural typology of villages and the architecture of buildings in wine areas which are primarily intended for WINE PRODUCTION; in the area of design through interior design, the design of utility objects, corporate identity ... which are related to wine, winemaking and WINE CONSUMPTION.

Our goal

"Our goal at Genius loci design is to tell the story of winemaking of a particular region through the distinctive ARCHITECTURE, skillfully united with the surroundings and in accordance with the tradition of a winemaker." 

Radovan Černelić, Founder