WINE brings together interesting people and creates special events and memorable moments. This realization has inspired me to join my knowledge, experience and passion with my partner Radovan. He is an economist by profession, with 20 years of experience in running the family business for interior designing and furnishing. We believe that together we can offer total and tailor made solutions in all aspects and fields of wine ARCHITECTURE and wine CULTURE.


From my earliest days, I had only one idea in my head - to draw. This desire was so strong that it led me to the Faculty of architecture, where I graduated. And somewhere in between, love that has changed my life path was born. This was when I could barely distinguish white from red wine, while my knowledge ended with the question: Dry or semi-dry? Since then, I have driven and walked countless miles from vineyard to vineyard, visited a lot of wineries and festivals, and tried exceptionally large number of wine samples as a sommelier, wine taster, wine judge, wine festival organizer and editor-in-chief. On this way I have met a variety of people - from wine growers, winemakers, enologists, sommeliers, wine judges, wine critics, media representatives, restaurateurs and chefs to those to whom wine represents a great pleasure. All of these, regardless of all their diversity and divergence in views, enabled me to get to know the culture of wine from very different angles. This gives me the opportunity to think beyond the established frameworks. One of these considerations is also my PhD thesis which deals with the links between architecture and culture of wine.




With 20-years of experience in a family owned company for interior designing and furnishing, I have decided to explore further the vast fields of design, architecture and culture. I have been involved in marketing and finance (since economics is my profession), but I have also gained the feeling and passion for design and aesthetics. As my girlfriend Nina introduced me to the world of wine and wine architecture, it was like a strike of lightning to me – “There are still so many things to learn, so many ways to use my knowledge and experience!” And, here I am… Genius loci design is my latest occupation, a new adventure. Dedicated to our work and projects we are developing, I still never pass the chance to enjoy “little life pleasures”  like great food, wine, sailing, travelling and taking photos.




"Wine to me is passion. It's FAMILY and FRIENDS. It's warmth of HEART and generosity of SPIRIT. Wine is ART. It's CULTURE. It's the ESSENCE of civilisation and the art of LIVING." 

Robert Mondavi, winemaker, California