Designing SPIRIT OF THE PLACE, stories and moments



WINE brings together interesting people and creates special events and memorable moments. This realization has inspired me to join my knowledge, experience and passion with my partner Radovan. We believe that together we can offer total and tailor made solutions in all aspects and fields of wine ARCHITECTURE and wine CULTURE.



In our world, everything revolves around WINE.  Wine is really an irreplaceable part of our lives. Just like yours! Because we share the same PASSION, we believe that we will find common language to solve your problems, to find tailor made solutions for you and to achieve great results.



We are convinced that for success of the project it is necessary to pool KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE and PASSION. Therefore we work only on the projects we believe have the potential for success, and we work only with the people who are dedicated to their work in the same way we are. 


Certain elements of wine culture (vine growing, wine making and consumption of wine) have constantly been an integral part of our lives. Therefore we have decided to share our impressions, thoughts and comments about wine culture and wine architecture with you.
We would also like to hear your voice, what you think about things we (dis)like, about things we (don't) know, about things we (don't) understand and about people we are meeting on our way ...  
Stay tuned!



"In classical Roman religion a  GENIUS LOCI  was the protective spirit of a place. In contemporary usage, genius loci usually refers to a location's distinctive atmosphere, or a SPIRIT OF PLACE. For us, in the modern context of design, genius loci stands for designing (the spirit of) the place, stories and moments." 

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